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Empower Corporation, a bilingual recruitment and placement agency, collaborates with Shirahama Onsen Hotel Seymour and Shirahama Kan Co Ltd to provide employment in the hotel business support to Ukrainian evacuees.

Dream Exchange Group’s bilingual staffing and recruiting company Empower Inc. has agreed to collaborate with Shirahama Onsen Hotel Seymour and Shirahama Kan Co. Shirahama Onsen Hotel Seymour and Shirahama Kaikan agreed to establish a system to recruit and provide employment training to Ukrainian refugees.

Shirahama-kan will employ one Ukrainian refugee on a trial basis and provide dormitory and meals, as well as training in accordance with the career map of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and Japanese language training at the same time, in order to develop human resources for acquiring hotel personnel skills.

The Ukrainian refugees who will be employed are those who have left Ukraine for Hungary and wish to enter Japan and receive training in the hotel industry.

Currently, there are many organizations that support Ukrainian nationals in finding employment in Japan, but there are few that follow up and support them in their daily life and work.
Empower Inc. has established a seamless and consistent support system for Ukrainian refugees in Japan, including a daily life support hotline staffed by our own Ukrainian employees, and in cooperation with Shirahamaikan, we will provide support for Ukrainian staff working in the hotel business. The company will also provide a support system for the Ukrainian staff to work in the hotel business. Empower will also support Ukrainian refugees working in Japanese companies by providing free Japanese language training to help them acquire the Japanese language skills they will need most when they arrive in Japan and overcome the language barrier.

In cooperation with Empower and Shirahama-kan, we will increase the number of hotels registered to host Ukrainian refugees, build “Japanese-Ukrainian relations,” and provide Ukrainian refugees with opportunities to learn about Japanese culture, history, and disposition, and to deepen Japanese people’s understanding of Ukraine. This will lead to a strong bond of trust between Japan, Ukraine, and the world.

We also hope that the personnel trained in the accommodation industry at Japanese hotels will contribute to the accommodation industry in Ukraine, which will be needed for reconstruction after the war.

receiving Ukrainians

Shirahama Hotels

Shirahama Key Terrace Hotel Seymour, a hotel in Shirahama Town, has been accepting Vita Pisarenko, 38, a Ukrainian refugee, as an employee since the 6th of this month....

Hotel in Shirahama with job assistance: Kii-Minpo AGARA

Ukrainian Displaced Workers at Work

Vita Pisarenko, 38, a Ukrainian refugee, started working at the Shirahama Key Terrace Hotel Seymour in Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture, on April 6. She is helping out in the restaurant's kitchen, serving dishes, etc. "I want to learn Japanese quickly and do my best," she said enthusiastically....

Empower Co.

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Rep: Takiguchi  Nobuyuki


Shirahama-kan Corporation
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