Life in Japan
життя в Японії

Living in a new country means interacting with others under new rules. When people find themselves in a new environment, whether they understand the language or not, they may feel confused and fearful. Considering the situation of Ukrainian people, we understand the difficulties of adaptation and guarantee support in various ways.


Obtaining ID cards for refugees

Отримання посвідчення особи для біженців

Obtaining a personal number card

Отримання персональної номерної картки

Registering insurance

Оформлення страховки

Obtaining bank accounts

Відкриття банківських рахунків

Securing mobile communication lines

Забезпечення мобільного зв'язку

Certificate of being a displaced person of Ukraine

It is expected to be presented together with a certificate of residence and other forms of identification when receiving assistance from local authorities, undergoing administrative procedures, or opening a bank account at a financial institution.

My number card

An identification code card is a microchip card required for staying in Japan. It is required to be presented at many government offices and the identification number is required to be written on many documents.


In Japan, employers take care of their employees, and most companies provide insurance for their employees. Companies pay approximately 70% of the cost of medical treatment.

Opening a bank account

First, you must present a document (such as a residence permit) that confirms the duration of your stay and your address. You cannot open a bank account only with a “Certificate of Evacuee from Ukraine”. Please present it together with your residence permit at the counter.


Resident tax

– Resident tax required

Daily living support service of the prefecture or municipality. Determined according to your income for the calendar year (from January 1 to December 31) and paid in the following year.

– Corporate tax, etc.

Determined based on the amount of income for the calendar year (January 1 through December 31).

– Value Added Tax (VAT) A tax imposed on goods and services, which in Japan is 10% (8% for food and beverages, 8% for newspapers, etc.).


Japan has an efficient transportation system. The well-developed railroad system makes it easy to get to one’s destination. Trains are an indispensable part of daily life. Therefore, an IC card is an indispensable item that helps you travel cheaply and buy small items easily.

Most regions have their own IC cards; for example, Tokyo has Suika or Pasmo. It can also be used almost anywhere in Japan. A 500 yen deposit (security deposit) is required when purchasing the card.

Without buying a ticket, you can get on and off the train and change trains by simply touching the reader at an automatic ticket gate.

More information about the card: