Support for Ukrainian refugees
Підтримка українських біженців
Support to Ukrainian refugees

Empower Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Dream Exchange Group, specializes in dispatching and introducing bilingual talents. We provide support to Ukrainian refugees by collaborating with partner companies that offer assistance in terms of meals and employment. We have established a system to recruit Ukrainian refugees, provide them with employment training in the hospitality industry, and offer support through a dedicated hotline operated by Ukrainian staff for their daily life in Japan.

At Empower, we aim to increase the number of registered hotels willing to accept Ukrainian refugees as part of our partnership, fostering a “Japanese-Ukrainian relationship.” We hope to facilitate learning of Japanese culture, history, and the Japanese way of life for Ukrainian refugees. Additionally, we engage in activities that enhance understanding of Ukraine among Japanese people, forging a strong and trusting bond between Japan, Ukraine, and the world.

We anticipate that individuals trained in the hospitality industry within Japanese hotels will contribute to the recovery efforts in Ukraine following the end of the war.

Recruitment support for foreign employees

We provide support not only for foreign nationals residing in Japan but also for the recruitment and relocation of foreign employees from overseas to Japan.

Our group handles non-core tasks such as necessary procedures and providing living environments when inviting foreign employees to Japan.

Employee dormitory arrangement

Організація гуртожитку для працівників

Wi-Fi/Electricity/Gas Arrangement


Rental of furniture and home appliances

Оренда меблів та побутової техніки

Japanese language education

Освіта японської мови

We provide these services in a one-stop manner through our company and affiliated companies.

To support the employment of individuals who have sought refuge outside of Ukraine due to the conflict in the country, our company collaborates with partner companies to provide employment assistance in Japan.

We offer a one-stop solution, including Zoom interviews, interpretation during interviews, support for travel to Japan after the hiring decision, and assistance in securing living arrangements in Japan, provided by our company and partner companies.


Additionally, we continue to offer ongoing support for Japanese language learning and daily life after their arrival in Japan.